Quinteto de Tango Invisible
The “Quinteto de Tango Invisible” was founded in 2001, under the direction of the Argentinian pianist Barbara Varassi Pega. It brings together musicians with a solid classical preparation who share an interest in the exploration of  Argentinian tango, jazz and experimental music. 

This Italo-Argentinian ensemble is dedicated to promoting the culture, the music and the emotions of tango: the programs they propose include original works and arrangements that encompass the entire history and the vast repertoire of this musical genre, starting from the Argentinian “guardia vieja” to European contemporary composers. The interpretation of the “Quinteto de Tango Invisible” treads the line between respect for the original style and a fresh urban take on this melancholy music.

From the day they were founded to today, their performances have taken them across Europe and lead them to work with today’s most important tango dances (Sebastian Romero, Marco Palladino, Roberto Daniel, Michela Beltrami etc.) and singers (Dolores Espeja).

They recorded their first CD in 2005, named after the group itself. It was well received by both the public and the critics. Right now they are preparing their second recording that focuses on the repertoire of contemporary tango authors.

The repertoire includes pieces by G. Zambelli, J. de Caro, A. Troilo, A. Piazzolla, G. Beytelmann, H. R. Potenza, R. Mederos, O. Pugliese, and more.

Barbara Varassi Pega, Piano
Studied piano in Argentina and Milan, specializing in Argentinean Tango. She has played in numerous tango formations, such as the International Company “Buenos Aires Tango”, the orchestra “Estilo Tango”, trio “Tango del Callejon”, quintet “La Mano”, giving concerts in Argentina, Italy and Europe. She plays regularly in the Tango group “TangoTinto” and in 2001 she founded the “Quinteto de Tango Invisible”.

Gino Zambelli, Accordion, Bandoneon, Accordina
Studied oboe, piano, composition and accordion with R. Galliano, Chucho Valdes and T. Tracanna among others. He has worked with orchestras (first oboe of the “Orchestra Giovanile Europea”), world music ensembles (Fuich, Samadur, and Free Mode), Duo Adar ethno jazz (R. Bertazzi. A. Zanchi) and South American Ensembles (Siete años). He is not only an instrumentalist but also works in these groups as arranger and composer. 

Virgilio Monti, Double Bass
He has collaborated in different chamber music ensembles, such as “L’ Ensemble Amadeus” and “L’Orchestra Gomez” and symphony orchestras such as “L’Orchestra Europea”. Apart from classical music, he also works with other styles, including popular music and ethno music. He is also a member of the orchestra “Estilo Tango” and of the trio “TangoTinto. He has participated in many festivals and musical seasons. 

Vincenzo Albini, Violin
Since 1998 he has been very active on the classical music scene, but has also studied jazz and deepened his passion for folk music. He plays with Marco Ratti, Claudio Angeleri, Riccardo Bianchi, Luca Sala, Alfredo Savoldelli and Giovanni Monteforte and has taken part in various festivals. He also works with the Fabio Lossani swing Band, the Charlie Cinelli Band, Pincapallina, Fuich, the Ivana Gatti Quartet and the Quartetto Bizzarria.

Emanuele Forni, Guitars

Concert Programs:

“Un Tango Nuevo”
Program dedicated to the new authors of contemporary tango with music by Beytelmann, Mederos, Mosalini, etc.

“Memorias y Olvidos”
Program dedicated to the traditional Argentinian tango from the beginning to 1950. Music by Pugliese, Troilo, Latasa, etc.

“Adios Nonino”
A tribute to Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla in the 15th year from his death. With music by Piazzolla.

“Histoire du Tango”
Overview of the entire history of tango from 1900 to today. Music by various composers.


“The “Quinteto Invisibile”’s concert was a real joy: the audience of the “Teatro dei Filodrammatici” was enchanted by their unity, their attention to timbre and phrasing, and the measure and passion of the solos.” 
(Eco di Bergamo)

“I really liked it, good CD” 
Paolo Carú (Buscadero).

“With grace and elegance the “Quinteto Invisible” has made the passionate and sensual tango genre its own, recording a CD that really deserves our compliments. Their interpretation is absolutely worthy of the great masters of tango thanks to the talent of each musician and to the unity of the sound, which is the result of a profound understanding between the players.”  
Ricky Barone (L’isola che non c’era)