Projects / Ensemble
In Stile Moderno:
“...and all around sounds flow border areas, bells, electricity, steel tubes, a digression on Alessandro Piccinini’s toccata Vigesima Quarta, whilst high up, touching the ceiling, the voice sing Odi et Amo” (Maurizio Pisati - Catullus)
Ceci n’est pas une guitare:
A high quality repertoire, rarely performed, by illustrating the resources that the guitar offers to the skilful “hands” of a contemporary composer. In combination with video and electronics.
Solo and modern chamber music repertory:
Programs for solo recitals with lute or guitar from the renaissance to today and a look at my chamber music repertoire with guitar by authors from 1900 to today.
Quinteto de Tango Invisible:
This Italo-Argentinian ensemble is dedicated to promoting the culture, the music and the emotions of tango, in collaboration with dancers, singers, composer and audiovisuel artist.
Accademia della Selva:
Ensemble founded in 2000 by different musicians from all over the world who meet at the Schola Cantorum Basilensis (Switzerland),. Principal conductor: Luigi Collarile.
Crossing no.3:
Since its founding in 2003 the ensemble “Crossing no.3” explore the connections with the interaction of music and other forms of art.
Ensemble Kandinsky:
is a vibrant new musical collective born in August, 2006, at the Lucerne Festival Academy, during performances under their mentor, Pierre Boulez, of Schoenberg’s Serenade.
Duo Forni de Flaviis
Their repertoire ranges from contemporary music to free improvisations on popular themes, from the European neoclassicism of the beginning of the twentieth century to Argentinean tango.