Ceci n’est   as une guitare
“Ceci n’est pas une guitare” is a programme dedicated to the repertoire of contemporary music for guitar combined with analogical and digital electronics. It explores how a skilful contemporary composer can manipulate sound, as well as new ground in terms of in terms of form, timbre an emotion.
The instruments include the classical, acoustic, electric, and amplified acoustic guitar, a laptop that runs sound management programmes like Max msp and Live, quadraphonic amplification and a loop machine; these are often combined with video installations.
The repertoire consists of only a few works that are, however, of high compositional quality. The search for new pieces for this sound formation is an integral part of the project, and also gives it its energy and vitality. The interpreters are always available composers who wish to find new challenges on little explored or unknown ground.
Ulrich Krieger (1962)
Book of Sins - Histoire de l’oeil (1999-2005)
For electric guitar in scordatura and delay
Eve Beglarian (1958)
Until it Blazes (2001)
For electric guitar and live electronics
Video by Cory Arcangel (2001)
Mercé Gaia Capdevila (1946)
Baobab (1986)
For classical guitar, wooden bottle neck and delay
George Aperghis (1945)
Conversation - Une Parole Libre (2005)
For guitarist
Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996)
Equinox (1995)
For classical guitar in scordatura
Hughues Dufourt (1943)
La cité des saules (1997)
For electric guitar and sound transformations
Steve Reich (1936)
Nagoya Guitars (1995)
For amplified classical guitar and tape
In collaboration with Andreas Pfiffner
He studied rhythmics at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Bienne (Switzerland) and obtained his diploma in 2001. He is currently studying music and multimedia arts at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern (Switzerland). During the past few years he has taken part in a number of courses and workshops in rhythmics (performance with David Moss and dance with Cisco Aznar and Susanne Müller), theatre (theatrical improvisation at the Dimitri School) and film (with Jürg Neuenschwander). He is very active on the artistic scene as a dancer, director, actor and sound technician. He played in the performance “Klagkörper Schweiz” at the Hannover exhibition in the year 2000. In 2004 he produced a documentary on the composer Giancarlo Nicolai “meeting on the 2nd Floor”, together with Simone Bauman and the Swiss German television channel (SF DRS). He created the soundtrack of the productions of Cisco Aznar and the Compagnie la Bussonière from Lausanne (“Parce que je t’aime“, “Orlando”, “Lola Loca” and “Lunatown” among others), and participated in them as actor and dancer, touring Germany, England, Spain and Brazil as well as Switzerland with the company. With Simone Baumann he has founded ton-und-bild.com, a company that designs web pages. Andreas Pfiffner is particularly appreciated for his versatility and his interdisciplinary approach to the arts.                                                          
Aperghis - Conversation
Krieger  -   Book of Sins